Submariner – Stumbling Review

INSTEAD OF WRITING A NORMAL REVIEW, here is a list of things I recommend you do whilst listening to Stumbling


So, I really like this song and had plenty to say about it. So, I began writing down whatever came into my little head whilst listening...

Ethereal, gentle harmonies, well arranged, grounded in the dream pop of post punk, clearer lyrics than most of this genre, dreamy, introspective and melancholic, without being dreary,warm,  Cocteau Twins,  nice rhythmic breaks, it has intelligence, simplicity, just enough reverb, not too wet and messy, textured, atmospheric…

So I was going to form those words from my mind into a coherent, entertaining piece of music journalism for your pleasure. That was until I read some other (very good) reviews. And guess what?

WE’RE ALL ON THE SAME PAGE GUYS. Submariner have created a song that reviewers agree on!


So. No review of Stumbling for you now readers. Oh no. I could though! I could show off my musical vocabulary and try and thesaurus my way out of repeating what has already been said, but oh no! I simply shan’t.


So, instead, here is a list of things I recommend you do whilst listening to Stumbling -

  • pop the collar up on a long, wool based overcoat and go for a meaningful walk under a steel grey sky

  • contemplate relationships formed and lost whilst gazing out of a train window as Autumnal pastures fly (ha, that rhymed)

  • sit near an open fire and smile to yourself as the warmth from the embers reminds your skin of the sweet promise of summer evenings ( that didn’t)

  • let the dreamy wash of sound take you to your favourite festival, late afternoon, surrounded by friends and surrounded by the glow of a joyous, shared human experience (and that sounded a bit like a meditation tape


However. DO NOT -

  • Repeatedly walk past an ex partner’s  flat, mouthing the words and hopeless hoping they look down and see you AND TAKE YOU IN AND LOVE YOU LIKE YOU DESERVED TO BE LOVED OH GOD PLEASE LOVE ME PLEASE...


Don’t do that.


But please DO listen to Stumbling and if you can, get to a Submariner gig soon. These chaps can pull of those atmospheric harmonies live, so don’t think that beautiful production is just for the studio. It’s for real.