Coyote Jungle Release brand New music - 'Rain Call'


South-Coast Indie rockers Coyote Jungle have blended gnarly rock ‘n’ roll with a slink, fuzz-toned charm in their latest release ‘Rain Call’. Gritty vocals propel the tune into a prowling groove; sliding through indie rock soundscapes and oozing charisma. The record has the ramshackle aesthetic of a pint-dropping indie banger, but remains stylistically streamlined to prove the artistic capability of the band. 

Coyote Jungle shuffle the pack of exhausted indie hand-me-downs, and inject the music scene with a refreshing, stylistic strut. The result is retro leg-shaking guitar music but with way more texture. ‘Rain Call’ combines the emblazoned charm of indie rock touchstones and the euphoric feel of united rock purgatory to provide the ultimate festival formula.  The sound is lucrative despite the band’s young age, and confidently assures their place amongst the forerunners of the upcoming music scene. 

Lead singer Sam Woods comments on the band’s upcoming release: 

“We are so excited to be releasing new music and there is a lot to come this year. We have been working relentlessly in the studio/rehearsal room and now it is time to show you what we got”.

 Backed by Chalkpit Records, the band are proving that 2019 is the year of Coyote Jungle.