Coyote Jungle release brand new single 'Antidote'


Antidote is the next single from Coyote Jungle- a blistering three minutes and 16 seconds of sweat-inducing, delerium enticing rock ‘n’ roll. 

 An undercarriage of taunting basslines propels the tune forward and gives it a feverous, electric presence; whilst rip-roaring vocals penetrate the soundscape with a seductive, apocalyptic charm. Antidote has the dynamicity of bluesy undercurrents but doesn’t let go of the magnificent dirt and growl of true rock ‘n’ roll. The prowling nature of the record allows it to tease and strut with confidence with guitar licks and solos standing defiant amongst the finely-tuned chaos. tHE BAND will support Red rum club & october drift at the joiners on monday 20th may 2019 to launch the new single IN STYLE.


Antidote is Coyote Jungle at their strongest yet, listen to it now via