Chalkpit Hottest Hits: Top 5

Hey Everyone, We hope everyone enjoyed the easter weekender, we definitely did and now we feel like it’s time to introduce some brand new music into your lives. so heres our run down of the top 5 new tracks we just cant get enough of.

Voodoo Bandits - Sink Below 

Voodoo Bandits latest single ‘Sink Below’ boasts a breezy, euphoric vibe. The tune is effortlessly cool- with liquid smooth melodies and groovy, toe-tapping beats. The song is infectious and has a natural-sounding progression; it seems to get more compelling with every listen. A tantalising glance at what is to be expected to be an important, upcoming band.  

Suns Up - Just Because

‘Just Because’ is an indie-pop dream. The song zips along on lush vocals and a tight, bouncing energy provided through sugary guitar hooks. The melodies are tight and slick; balanced gracefully with the youthful vigour of the band. Sunshine pop for sunshine days. 

Alleyways - Highness

Alleyways manage to create a distinct, fresh sound in their new single ‘Highness’. The band have an eye for detail, whilst creating huge, inescapable pop hooks. The single bends pop-rock with a charming and young vibe of energy.  Alleyways retain an edge that sets them apart from others, and Highness justifies the Leeds based band as an important up-comer. 

Juno - Do You Want Me?

‘Do You Want Me?’ is instantly satisfying- the addictive hooks and snappy beats make it the perfect summer tune. Juno combine quirky lyrics with a jumping, enthusiastic sound; bringing salvation to punchy- indie rock music. 

Marsicans - Your Eyes

Leeds based Marsicans have been going from strength to strength; and their latest single ‘Your Eyes’ showcases the level of artistic capability the band are capable of. Soft, harmonic melodies can explode into summits of guitar-heavy soundscapes seamlessly. Marsicans are able to fuse extroverted, fast guitar music with intrinsic, reflective lyrics.