Artist Alert: Laminate Pet Animal

Organic, chill electronica.

Laminated Pet Animal

For our very first artist alert, we were lucky enough to catch up with electronic trio Laminate Pet Animal. With almost 6,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone, these guys are set to follow in the steps of big electronic names such as Gold Panda, The Japanese House and Emancipator.

Their wistful, easy-going electronica is the perfect soundtrack to the darkening nights and we can’t wait to see what these guys get up to in the future. Their beginnings remixing established artists such as Magic Man remains influential in the sound of their original music, which weaves seamlessly between dance-based beats and pop-infused vocals.

In May they released their newest EP ‘Panama’, a four-track offering which sees the trio delve further into their electronic roots, using vocals as much for their lyricism as their instrumental potential. Panama delivers a dreamy soundscape that we just can’t get enough off. Laminate Pet Animal have already supported the likes of Gold Panda, Shigeto and Emancipator and we’re looking forward to catching them live in the new year.

Can you tell us who you are, where your from, and a little bit about the music you make?

Hello! Yes, we are a trio made up of myself (Thomas), Charlotte and Tom. We’re all from different parts of the country but met whilst we were all at Uni here in Leeds. We’ve all stuck around since graduating.

Sure, our music is pretty chill haha. It’s kind of a combination of all our styles. I’m into more dance based stuff like Gold Panda, Bonobo, Four Tet - that kind of thing. Tom and Charlotte are more into melodic stuff like Half Noise, John Mayer, Men I Trust…

I think that’s where our sound comes from. My focus on the production side of stuff like sampling and sound design, combined with Tom and Charlotte’s pop sensibilities.

Why did you decide to start a band together?

Well originally the project was just myself. And it was pretty dire haha! Then I met Tom about 3 years ago and he drummed on a single track. We both thought ‘this is awesome, why aren’t you in the band?’ The we did that for a year until we released a track called ‘Eve’. The chorus has this female vocal sample in it (from our friend Eve haha) but we thought the track needed a female singer throughout. Tom knew Charlotte from other projects, so we brought her in. And we never looked back! Charlotte is amazing and totally completes LPA.

Who are your biggest influences?

The biggest influence for me is definitely Gold Panda. His first record, 'Lucky Shiner' is what inspired me to create electronic music! I remember listening to it with headphones on in my bedroom and just being blown away. I was captivated by the sounds. I literally knew nothing about electronic music, so began to dive into sampling and sound design pretty much straight after that!

Tom and Charlotte are definitely more 'pop' focused than myself. I live with Tom and he is always blasting out feel good music. Bands like Half Noise, Parcels, Men I Trust - more upbeat energetic music. He is the most optimistic, positive person I know so his music definitely reflects that! Charlotte is into all sorts and is a blend between Tom and myself I think. She listens to everything from Four Tet to John Mayer! She's just really cool.

We are all listening to our friend FAVELA. He released his debut album a few months ago, 'Community'. It's such a beautiful record and can't recommend it enough!

What has been your biggest highlight of this year as a band?

Definitely releasing our EP ‘Panama’ in May. We’d been sitting on those songs for quite a while. We don’t take ourselves too seriously to be honest and we’re pretty chill about release schedules but it was great to get it out. It’s had an amazing response which we are pretty humbled by. We started up a community label called bibliotek which we put it out under. We also worked in collaboration with the YouTube channel and label College Music who were amazing too!

What do yo think of Leeds music scene?

I think it’s amazing, especially the electronic scene! We’ve been so lucky to support lots of our favourite artists in some amazing venues. Places like Brudenell, Belgrave and Canal Mills are a joy to play! The community here is great too, everyone supports each other.


Best cure for a hangover?

Hmm, we’re pretty nerdy and rarely go out if I am honest. I think I’ve had like 4 hangovers in my whole life. So I’m probably not the best to ask haha! Although I remember just drinking lots of water. H20 4 lyf.

What new bands are you listening to at the moment?

DJ Seinfeld, Max Coopers new record, How To Dress Well.

Dream gig?

Probably like Glastonbury or something. I’m not a massive festival person but, I guess that’s like, THE gig to play haha.

Describe your sound in three words?

Organic, chill electronica.

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