Artist Alert: The Orders

The Orders, Live.

The Orders, Live.


Hypnotizing toilet music is how this week’s artist alert describes their sound and while we’re not entirely sure what hypnotic toilet music sounds like, we can tell you all about the band who proclaim to capture it.

After forming five years ago, The Orders have consistently curated their own brand of psychedelic, high energy rock. They’ve opened the Isle of Wight mainstage, supported the likes of The Sherlocks and Band of Skulls, and played to a sold-out crowd in London. Many of their singles have featured on BBC Radio 6 Music and their most recent release Therapeutic Glue has had over 40k streams, as well as being a Chalkpit favourite. Incessant and brilliant chaos sticks to the band and rattles through their live performances, if you get the chance to catch these guys in 2019 they’re not going to disappoint.

We sat down with Kyle from the band, who put the heat on the Isle of Wight music scene.

Can you tell us who you are, where you’re from, and a little bit about the music you make?

I'm Kyle I play in The Orders and we're from the flakey Isle of Wight . Our music is loud, high energy, indie guitar rock with a bit of psychedelic sludge mess seeping into it. We're a three piece so we do what we can with the least amount of instruments, it's quite a big sound for a three-piece nothing too complicated. I guess, I never know what kind of song I want to write sometimes I'm trying to write a song to trip to or sometimes to cry to or to kick someone in the head too but when we play as a band it's just loud fat riffy chaos.

Why did you decide to start making music?  

I've always had a creative itch since I was a kid. Always trying to make something or create something worthwhile so making music was always gonna happen. I started listening to my dad's music from a young age then I just wanted to be in a band. Started playing at 9 and probably started trying to make up my own music a few years after. I think Red Hot Chili Peppers' By The Way album was the one that made me want to play music.

Who are your biggest influences?

For me, I would say Brian Jonestown Massacre I don't know if they're a massive influence on the band but I just love how in the 90s they were at the front of the underground psychedelic scene and never got really big cos they were chaotic and a bunch of junkies even though they had the potential. They influenced so many bands to go ahead and do what they were doing but kinda do it properly without all the mess, they did it their own way because they didn't want the music industry to fuck them over. Anton is just a genius I love him.

What has been your biggest highlight of this year as an Artist?

The three singles we've released have been a bit of a highlight. Everyone seemed to really like them and Therapeutic Glue got playlisted on Spotify for Discover Weekly so that was cool. The gig we did at the Joiners in Southampton the other week was really good, we headlined this show and had a mad crowd for it everyone knew the words to all the songs, it was a beautiful messy gig.

What do you think of your local music scene at the moment?

The Isle of Wight music scene has a lot of good artists about at the moment. The music itself is great however I feel like the fan base kinda thing is dead. People on the Isle of Wight need to actually go out and watch bands play because they're playing all the time and it annoys me when you got to Strings which is such a great venue and bands playing for free and no one bothers to turn up apart from a few. I guess that could be said for a lot of gigs elsewhere. A lot of people don't show up unless the band are on the verge or have a really good reputation and are getting known.

Have you got any exciting plans you can tell us about going into 2019?

Yeah we're planning right now on recording some new tunes and getting them out there again. Hopefully, we're gonna go down to Cornwall to record with our mate in the new year so that should be fun. We’ve also got a few gigs that are popping up now so just gonna record and gig as much as we can.


Best cure for a hangover?
Beer, benzos, fry up

What new bands are you listening to at the moment?
The Orielles, Goat Girl, the babe rainbow, Moses Gunn collective, the blinders, Tess parks

Dream gig?
Barry Scott

Describe your sound in three words?
Hypnotizing toilet music