Artist Alert: KYLYPSO


This week’s artist alert is a band we stumbled across at the BBC’s Introducing Live back in September. Picture a small box room full of beanbags, beer and anaglyphic light and you have what can only be described as the perfect environment to be introduced to the sound of Kylypso. With the intimate room packed out within the first few chords it became clear that Kylypso held an intrigue that would outlast that one performance.

Likened to psych-rock superstars Tame Impala and retro-pop enigma Parcels, Kylypso bounce between genres, pulling inspiration from all around with a care-free spirit. Yet, while the Australian synth-pop brand is laced through the band’s tracks, it’s evident that they push themselves to dive into their own territory, creating a syncopated sound that comes across with real clarity.

Can you tell us who you are, where your from, and a little bit about the music you make?
Hiya….KYLYPSO are made of Rudi, Tom and Hugh. We are based in various bits of London and we make indie disco psych music.

Why did you decide to start making music?  
Our paths crossed after a few different session gigs, playing for each others bands. We had many parallel tastes for the same bands and types of music. The journey the KYLYPSO sound has gone through has been quite extensive. It’s taken a while to really settle into the area which we think works best for us. Sometimes the most logical and obvious way of doing things - doesn’t always give us the best results. The mistakes we’ve made have sometimes led to the most creative outcomes in songwriting. Our demos tend to go trough a process of being turned upside down, torn apart and built up again before realising their final shape.

Who are your biggest influences?
Day to day our influences definitely change with the new bands we are hearing and listening to. There are some solid corner stones of our sound which we often reference, such as Parcels, glass animals and tame impala. But at the same time what we are looking at doing is carving our own valley through this landscape.

What has been your biggest highlight of this year as an Artist?
Between us we have become part of two studio complexes which we can produce and write in. Hugh has put a studio together at Assault and Battery in West London - which has been an invaluable asset to being able to write and produce our own music. We have also joined The Rattle - which is a co working collective of creatives and music related tech industries based in a place called the tobacco docks in East London. It’s an amazing place, build in the Victorian times to import tobacco from around the world, it’s not only got two massive tall ships out front but has an amazing community of people who we have been collaborating with and getting invaluable inspiration from.

What do you think of your local music scene at the moment?
London has a crazy amount of stuff happening all the time. It’s kind of like a wave that is always breaking in every direction. You have to pick carefully or it can get quite overwhelming. It’s quite interesting being part of a scene which is so based on streaming and plays - where you see an artist gain momentum online - they will most likely be playing round the corner within a month or so.

Have you got any exciting plans you can tell us about going on in 2019?
We have a lot of new music we want to get out…so we are currently shaping and putting finishing touches on a range of different stuff. We are also collaborating with a surf film maker - writing and adapting our songs for use in a film he shot last year, travelling around Mexico for 3 months.


Best cure for a hangover?
Time machine

What new bands are you listening to at the moment?
Jadu heart, Kurt Vile, Her’s, sunset rollercoaster

Dream gig?
Night time desert gig

Describe your sound in three words?
Punchy colourful adventure