Artist Alert: Crystal Tides

Chalkpit - Crystal Tides

Can you tell us who you are, where your from, and a little bit about the music you make?

We are Crystal Tides from Portsmouth and we write indie pop/rock music.

Why did you decide to start making music?
We began making music when we met at university. We knew we could get free rehearsal space through uni so we just used it to start writing music for a bit of fun. The more we wrote the more we knew that we had to show our music to everyone!

Who are your biggest influences?
If i had to name a main influence, that we all agree on, it would be indie music from the noughties. We all grew up on it and our music is similar but with a more modern twist, creating our own unique style.

What has been your biggest highlight of this year as an Artist?
We have had a few!
Playing at the Etihad Stadium ahead of the Man City vs Liverpool Champions League semi-final was pretty special though.

What do you think of your local music scene at the moment?
There are so many great bands out there but nobody going to see them. Local music is different to how it used to be - but it's great that people still are playing music for the love of playing. That's whats important!

Have you got any exciting plans you can tell us about going on in 2019?
We have our biggest headline in our hometown portsmouth on saturday 18th may 2019, we cant wait


Best cure for a hangover?
Start drinking again..

What new bands are you listening to at the moment?
We all listen to such different music it's hard to say.

Dream gig?
Wembley Stadium.

Describe your sound in three words?
Exciting, Unique, Memorable.