Alleyways release new EP 'Does It Matter?' tomorrow!!

2019 has been an exciting year for Alleyways; the Leeds band have been hot-wiring the live circuit on tour with Chalkpit Records and supporting King No-One’s ‘Oomm’ tour whilst creating an ever-growing fan base. The band have also been busy in the studio preparing and mastering their debut EP ‘DOES IT MATTER?’ which is released via Chalkpit Records on the 10th May. 


DOES IT MATTER? confirms Alleyways’ fresh and innovative sound. The EP launches into action with Romancer - an effortless and addictive record which combines dance infrastructures with an indie growl and prowl. Alleyways manage to channel nostalgic pop sounds and inject a sense of youthful hope; providing more curve and charisma to indie sensibilities. The eternal essence of pop music stands most attune when artists manage to unite personal sentiments into a universal feeling- and Alleyways are adept at constructing a sense of unification both through live performance and in their recording. Highness epitomizes the band’s ability to create inescapable pop hooks out of intricate soundscapes. Highness becomes more compelling with each listen; engaging with classic pop infrastructures whilst still articulating the band’s own unique sound. Lead singer Dougie explained the creative incentive behind the EP: 

“As individuals we are all inspired by pop music and wanted to make an EP that expressed that. Does it Matter? is an EP full of Stylistic Pop aesthetics and songs formed from our youth culture. We had such a great time producing it and we are super excited to be able to release it to our fans, it's been a long time coming”.

Dance expresses the stylistic evolution of the EP; with addictive, bouncy grooves that beg for a toe tap without losing any artistic intricacy. The record is designed for the energetic, care-free vibe of summer days, holding a kinetic, youthful flair. The EP closes with Naked- a record that declares Alleyways as an important upcoming band who are capable of injecting the music scene with a new, exciting feel. The acrobatic, assiduous performance of pop discourse zips along compulsive dance beats- providing a epic end to a promising EP. 

Listen on SPOTIFY from Friday 10th May 2019