Chalkpit Hottest Hits: Top 5

it is a new week and we are blessed with 5 top picks which have entered our hottest hits playlist on spotfiy. check it out for yourself including Jaz Connell, Family Man, The Manatees, Rose Dive and roma palace.

Jaz Connell- Footsteps

 Americana singer-songwriter Jaz Connell is subtly virtuosic in her lyric wielding and production- proving herself to be a innovative and meticulous artist. ‘Footsteps’ is produced from a mesh of acoustic-electric and folk pop; with its sweet vocals and enigmatic folk melodies making it feel both authentic and intimate. The tranquility of the tune makes you want to glide down the coast with a sunset backdrop. 

The Manatees- What If

‘What If’ hails from a Vaccines-esque charm that is built on thrill, youthful energy and thick and fast riffs. The tune is contagious and has anthemic undertones despite the angsty, nervous significance behind the lyrics. The energy of the record pulsates through blistering beats and growly vocals, making the tune a refreshing and essential piece of music for the Southampton four-piece. 

Family Man- Volt

‘Volt’ is the debut single from three-piece rockers Family Man and showcases a very promising future ahead. The tune boasts a fervent, raw energy whilst still sounding slick and artistically convincing. ‘Volt’ is loaded with expectation of an exciting live performance. 

Roma Palace- Tell Me

‘Tell Me’ is brimming with elastic funk and dance vibes. The tune has a scattershot approach in it’s genre; resulting in a perfect bass pop that provides both rhythmic chill and dancefloor persuasion. The cool precision of the tune makes it delicious to the ears 

Rose Dive- U&I

‘U&I’ is a stellar example of how to make a complex piece of music appear effortless. The tune has a perfect balance of sweetness and snarl- with dreamy pop synths overlaying a hypnotic beat. The sugary vocals give the tune a trippy edge; providing a multi-layered and interesting listen.