Artist Alert: Djuno

This week we’re back on the South Coast to catch up with DJUNO, a five-piece alt-rock band creating moody, storm brewing music. They’ve had a stellar summer playing at festivals like Southampton’s Common People, and now they are gearing up to release their next single ‘Howling’.
djuno-artist alert

Courtney’s vocals are a refreshing and formidable addition to a genre often lacking in female fronted bands. The Lorde of the alt-rock world, her energy live is captivating, perfectly complimenting the catch-your-breath kind of rock that her band members are serving alongside her. Their September release ‘No Glass Breaks’ is a powerhouse of a record, which sits alongside their two other 2018 releases ‘Hive’ and ‘Stop’. These guys have got big dreams to be the first band to play on the moon, or failing that, under the sea. And for a band who’ve supported Mallory Knox, maybe it’s not that far off. We’d definitely strap on the goggles for them.

Catch them playing in Southampton at Ice Breaker festival in January.

Can you tell us who you are, where you're from, and a little bit about the music you make?

We are DJUNO. A five-piece compiling of Courtney providing the vocals, Andy and Sim on guitar, Toby playing bass and Pete the drummer, from Southampton. We make dark and reverb-y rock. Sprinkled with anthemic guitar riffs and powerful, emotional vocals.

Why did you decide to start making music?  

We started writing together because we thought it would be a good idea. Maybe we thought wrong, who knows.

Who are your biggest influences?

Influences of ours are King of Leon, Alice in Chains, Paramore and Muse.

What has been your biggest highlight of this year as an Artist?

Playing at Common people this summer was our big highlight of 2018, it was our first proper festival. Another Highlight would be our studio time with Neil Kenndey at The Ranch. Looking forward to our next time there.

What do you think of your local music scene at the moment?

We have a buzz in Southampton. The standard of music is high and our other local bros are killing it. On a more serious note, we recently had a venue close down, The Talking Head. Grassroot music venue closures are happing all over the country and it’s a big issue. The promoters and shows in the city are great, but getting people to come to shows regularly is hard, especially in a city full of musicians a music college and a uni full of music and creative media students.

Have you got any exciting plans you can tell us about going into 2019?

New music, new merch. It's all-a-coming. We'll also be at The Ice Breaker festival in Jan showing it all off.


Best cure for a hangover?
Big ol' pint of H2O. Maybe a nice bath.
Anything water related.

What new bands are you listening to at the moment?
We are all into a bit of khruangbrin at the moment. Them and Slaves, Shame and Yonaka.

Dream gig?
Be the first band to play on the moon, or the under the sea.
The pyramid stage would be cool too...

Describe your sound in three words?
Big moody vibes