Rose Dive – Distant Days - Single review

Surrey based indie dream pop quartet Rose Dive recently found themselves on Spotify’s ‘New Indie Music’ playlist with colourful track ‘Distant Days’.

The track immediately stands out with its melodic guitar riffs and soft vocals which leave you in a dreamy pastel haze. Think Two Door Cinema Club accompanied by female vocals. 

Made up of lead guitarist Danial Bath and drummer Alex Cook, the two are joined by bassist Jamie Slessor and singer/songwriter Freya Mckee. Freya’s vocals gently push the track forward and are complimented by the tracks dreamy melody. 

For a self-produced band still taking their baby steps into the world, it’s a promising start. I’m very much here for music that makes me forget it’s only just the start of winter, give me warm and atmospheric tracks that take me back to the not so Distant Days of summer gone by.

You can find me listening to Rose Dive and silently (kinda) judging everyone listening to Christmas songs a month too early.  

You can listen to Distant Days on Spotify now.