Freazy set to headline their debut Isle of Wight Show

Isle of Wight Trio 'Freazy' have made quite an impression on the island music scene since forming in March 2017. The band are now set to headline their first Island Show which will be held at The Blacksheep Bar, Ryde on Friday 1st December 2017 with support from Southampton 'The Dead Freights' and 'Goo Lagoon'. We caught up with the band as they prepare for the big show. 


Hey Freazy, How are you, can you introduce the band for us?

Hi we’re freazy- we’re great thanks. We’re an indie(ish) Isle of Wight 3 piece, we’re still pretty new around as we only played our first show in March of this year.

We’ve got Keetan on drums, lily on bass and vocals, and Anna’s on guitar and sings.


For people that haven’t heard your music, how would you best describe it?

We always find this a bit tricky - we all have super varied music tastes and influences between us so it means that we all interpret the style of our songs differently which is kinda where the phrase ‘indie-ish’ came about - the songs vary from poppy to grungy.


What inspired you to take up music?

Lily and keetan both started out playing guitar and Anna’s been playing violin since she was little so it’s always been something we’ve enjoyed, and our families love music so it’s something we’ve been surrounded by for years.


How excited are you to headline a show on the Isle of Wight on Friday 1st December?

We’re super excited, we haven’t played on the island in a while so it’s gonna be really fun for us to be back here with all of our friends in the crowd.


What has been your highlight of 2017?

Collectively we loved playing Bestival and with VANT - a band we’ve loved for years- and our first ever show was really fun for us.

Keetan says - ‘definitely getting a free burger at Tapnell farm’


 Lastly Why should people buy a ticket to your show on Friday 1st December?

Our support bands are A.) The nicest guys ever and B.) Crazy talented (The Dead Freights and Goo Lagoon) - we’re just planning on having a massive laugh, really so we hope to see lots of people there.


(Quick Fire Round)

Favourite spot on the isle of wight? 


What is one thing you can’t live with out? 


whats emoji best describes you?

the apple emoji

 Go to karaoke song? 

Miz Biz by Paramore


Advance Tickets are still on sale now, if you are clever you will go get one ASAP! before they sells out.

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