Chalkpit Promotions to launch in Southampton


On Thursday 30th November 2017, Chalkpit Records will be launching its debut live Promotional show in Southampton at one of the cities newest venues 'Heartbreakers Bar and Venue' Opened by Leading City Promoter 'Tom Dyer' of Psychedelia Limited.  


Chalkpit Records has been at the forefront of supporting the best in new music on the South Coast and Isle of Wight since opening its doors in late 2015. The Label Launched its promotional services on the Island back in 2016 as a way of developing the Local Music Scene.


Since then the label has gone on to host over 20 different event which have given Aspiring Artists the opportunity to perform in different setting across the island. now in the later stages of 2017 the Islands music scene is now having some real success stories with local artists now selling out shows and having well attended audiences. 


Chalkpit Records will be branching its promotional shows out into Southampton in hope of  developing a stronger connection with the local music scene to create a unique relationship that will allow more artists from both Southampton and Isle of Wight the chance at developing fanbases in neighbouring locations. 


Chalkpit Promotions Launch night will host 3 quality emerging artists from the South Coast at Heartbreakers Bar and Venue. Nakamarra (IOW), The Diamond Age (Southampton), Endless Peaks (Bournemouth).


Advance tickets now available at for £4.00 


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