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Chalkpit Records was founded in 2016 on the isle of wight by silas gregory, as a platform to develop & Nurture the next generation of rock stars.


"when you live on a island SEPARATED by 20 miles of sea, you realise you have to create your own opportunities in life, which is exactly what i set out to achieve" silas gregory


the label launched a regular promotional night started in may 2016 and has now racked up over 20 shows showcasing the very best in emerging music.


The promotional night's have acted as a key driving force for funding for the label and has allowed over 6 acts to go into studios and record and release debut records. 


over the last 2 years the label has develop an incredible bank of industry professionals which work closely with the label on all aspects of an artists career. (music DISTRIBUTION, Music Management, graphic design, videography, photography, Live Promotion, merchandising)


the label has released a range of physical and digital released records since it opend its doors from artists - nakamarra, reminders, gyerphage, tai high hawaiian, clippa sound, charlie o'riain, ecsess, butterfly culture.


If your interested in finding out more contact us at :