'We want to create more opportunities for artists on the Isle of Wight, which is why we our committed in Supporting & Developing the local music scene!'


What is Chalkpit Records?
       Chalkpit Records was founded by Silas Gregory, Commercial Music Degree student at Platform One College of Music. Frustrated by the lack of guidance and support for young musicians looking to make it in the cut throat music industry. Chalkpit Record aims to offer band management, Marketing & Promotion, PR, Distribution, Event & Tour Management, Merchandise solutions and much more. Chalkpit Records are currently working on a number of exciting projects, with two bands currently in the studio recording original music with debut singles due for release in May 2016.


'The Isle of Wight has become a Melting Pot of musical talent. Chalkpit Records promises to support & develop artists to give them the best possible start in the music industry!'


Chalkpit Records Aims & Objectives

Discover & Promote artists on the Isle of Wight & South Coast of England.
Providing a platform for artists to gain exposure, through long term development & promotional strategies.
 Host's live music event for artists on the Isle of Wight & the South Coast to perform, discover & connect with new      audiences.



How we are going to achieve our aims and objectives

Release Records on the label by artists on the Isle of Wight & from the South Coast.

We will host high quality musical events to promote the best new artists from surrounding areas. This will give artist the opportunity to cut their teeth in live performance. Playing live is becoming the most important aspect to an artists career, which is why we are dedicated in creating more opportunities for bands to develop these skills on the Isle of Wight. 

Social Media Marketing in the digital music industry is vital in creating a wider fan base. We offer artist support & development in Marketing & Promotion to help artist become more active online when promoting there music.